Oslo Probasee Bangali is proud to organize its first Durga Puja "Oslo Durgotsav 2017 "

Oslo Probasee Bangali

Today’s hectic and demanding world demands offline activities for society and eventually by the society to create a fresh environment away from our daily hustle and bustle of corporate life. Oslo Probasee Bangali was formed by a few enthusiast and  like-minded Bengali immigrants in Oslo, Norway  with the aim to share happiness and experience the joy of friendship and harmony through our culture and heritage.

Oslo Probasee Bangali consists of members who believe this small organization will spread into a large family with a vision to have cross cultural interaction and appreciation with particular emphasis on the literature, art and the cultural heritage of Bengal.

More importantly, we believe that we can work together without  following  any hierarchy of traditional posts & positions like President, Secretary etc.. At  Oslo Probasee Bangali, we work as one team and we divide the workload and responibilities within the team. We don't strive for any official positions and we treat  everyone equally.

Photo Courtesy: We are thankful to Arnab Mitra, Ranadip Kundu & Kamalika Lodh Chatterjee for sharing their photos for this website. Special thanks to Penaaz Ali for the Digital Art.


Lilleaker Folkets Hus

Ørakerveien 30

0284 Oslo.


29th September, Friday 6 PM


1st October, Sunday: 9 PM


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